Brand values

Taking on responsibility has never been so mouth-watering.

Bionade stands for more than simply refreshment. In addition to the best that nature has to offer, inside each bottle there is also a key message: doing good by brewing something mouth-watering. We are especially proud of our brand values.


Bionade is unadulterated – both in terms of taste and also production. We have therefore been brewing according to the original Bionade purity laws from day one and completely forgo any genetic engineering and preservatives. This not only quenches the thirst but also awakes the desire for authenticity and provenance.

Can-do attitude

Every person is different and drinks differently. Some like it fruity and fresh, others like it aromatic and tangy. Our resolve to brew a delicious Bionade to suit every taste has already led us to the craziest creations. But as exotic as some of the ingredients may be, we guarantee you exclusively 100 percent organic quality.


Bionade is a Rhön institution. But we are also committed to numerous initiatives and projects beyond our region towards sustainable dealings with humankind and nature. Our claim is to lead the way in setting a good example and taking responsibility.