Discovery tour

It’s discovery time! 

Do you also remember blowing bubbles into your glass of milk as a child? Then perhaps you are just as fascinated by fizzy drinks as we are. On the Bionade discovery tour we will show you how our organic soft drinks are made and why gluconic acid is the secret of their unparalleled taste. Our exciting tour takes you from the brewhouse to the bottling plant and, on request, to visit one of our organic elderberry farmers.

The beauty of the Rhön.

Bionade does not just consist of fizzy bubbles but of the most delicious things that nature has to offer. This is because it comes from a very special part of Germany – the UNESCO Rhön Biosphere Reserve.

With its open spaces, flood plains, high moors, near-natural forests and striking summits, we want to protect and preserve this valuable biosphere for both people and animals and we also want to bring it to life for you.

Curious about Bionade? Then register here for the Bionade discovery tour. Pre-school and school groups are also very welcome!