Do-it-yourself tips

Do it yourself? Why ever not?

Whether you’re looking for a personal gift or simply a reason to be really proud of yourself, our DIY tips provide you with inspiration for projects which you can create yourself in next to no time.


The frogs are on the loose! Here’s how to make funny bottle cap frogs out of 2 bottles of Bionade, some fabric or felt, a pair of googly eyes and a glue gun. The first (and tastiest) thing to do is to drink up the two bottles of Bionade and keep the bottle caps. Cut tongues out of the fabric and glue them to the inside of one of the caps. Now stick the other cap to this one to form a “mouth”. Make sure it’s not too wide . Now you just need to add the googly eyes and the frog is finished. The professionals among you can of course paint the frogs and experiment with different colours of fabric.

Unique containers

Recycling with a difference. With this DIY tip, PET bottles are very simply transformed into unique containers. You simply need a clean, empty PET bottle, scissors and an iron. To start with, you need to cut the bottle into 2 parts. To do this, simply cut off the bottleneck. Try to cut as evenly as possible. Now carefully press the opening of the bottom part of the bottle against the heated iron but make sure that the plastic does not melt and stick to the iron. To make your containers even more attractive, you can cover them with stickers or paint them.

Snowman friends

With this DIY tip, odd socks will never be lonely again – just make a few snowman friends out of them! You will need: odd socks, thread, buttons, rice and left-over fabric or other decorative items. Here’s how to do it. Cut the sock in two. Turn the top half of the sock (the one with two openings) inside out and tie a thread around one of the openings to close it. Now fill the sock with rice. Tie a thread around the other end and around the snowman’s neck. And don’t forget to add a scarf so that the little fella doesn’t get cold. Turn up the remaining half of the sock (the toe part) to create a lovely hat for your little friend. Finally, decorate with buttons and our sock snowman is finished!

Bird feeder

This time we are going to make a lovely bird feeder for the winter time! You will need: PET bottle, wooden stakes, string, wire, bird food and a drill. Here’s how to do it. Clean the bottle and leave it to dry fully. Drill two holes opposite each other in the lower part of the bottle and then drill two more holes 5-10 cm higher up. Push a wooden stake through the holes so that they form a cross. Drill four small holes above the stakes through which the birds can peck. Drill two more holes through the neck of the bottle and pull the wire through them to create a hanging loop for your new bird feeder.

Photo holder

Here’s how to make your own photo holder! You will need: a large piece of cardboard, paint of your choice, hot glue, scissors and clothes pegs. Here’s how to do it. Cut the card into your favourite shape, e.g. a circle, and paint it. Then glue the clothes pegs around the edge with the opening to the outside. They will later serve as holders for your photos. And that’s it! It’s that easy to make your own creative photo holder!

Cover pot

Is your apartment in need of a little greenery? Get yourself a pot plant and make your very own cover pot! You will need: 500 ml glue, parcel string or natural fibre yarn, a balloon and a paint brush. Here’s how to do it. Take the inflated balloon and brush half of it with the glue. Now wrap the yarn or string around it as you like. Continue to add glue at regular intervals. Leave the whole thing to dry overnight. The next day, you can burst the balloon and put your new cover pot into use!

Ice lights

Let’s make some beautiful ice lights! You will need: a large PET bottle (1.5l), a small PET bottle (0.5l), a few stones, water and scissors. Here’s how to do it. Cut off the lower part of the PET bottles (approx. 10 cm from the bottom). Fill the lower half of the large bottle approximately two thirds full with water. Fill the small bottle with stones and place it inside the large bottle. Put the whole thing in the freezer and after a few hours, you’ll have a lovely pair of ice lights for your balcony or garden.