Bionade Lemon-Bergamot

When life gives you lemons... delicious

We have found a completely natural way to transform lemons into a purely organic soft drink. But that’s not the only thing that differentiates it from a classic lemonade. In order to make our ripe, flavoursome lemons just a little bit more sour, we simply combined them with bergamot. And just like all Bionade flavours, the new Bionade Lemon-Bergamot is also brewed with natural ingredients, which gives it a pleasant sweetness and a tangy, fruity flavour.

But how do you go about finding a bergamot? Well, you’d probably have to move to Italy – this citrus fruit is exclusively cultivated on a tiny strip of the Calabrian coast. However, the fruit of the bergamot itself is so sour that you could give prize gurners a run for their money while eating it. The special bit is hidden in the peel from which oil is extracted. Just a few drops are enough to release a real scent and taste explosion. And it’s precisely this unique aroma which gives the new Bionade Lemon-Bergamot its very special note.

Just reading this has made your mouth water, right? Just what we wanted!

BIONADE. Refreshingly different.

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