Our commitment

Commitment with body and soul.

With Bionade, we want to take responsibility beyond the limits of our product. We therefore support many projects and initiatives to support biodiversity, conservation and environmental education. This means that it will continue to stay beautiful in places beyond our Rhön homeland.

However, it is also important for us to make social commitments outside of our company. For this we stay in constant dialogue with our partners.

Logo Bionade Bio-Landbau-Rhön

An association of organic farmers with whom we set the goal of guaranteeing the long-term supply of organic raw materials from the Rhön.

Organic farming in the Rhön region

The Rhön Biosphere Reserve and Bionade are two partners who have come together to harmonise economy, ecology and social issues.

Rhön Biosphere Reserve

Bees can do many things that humans can’t. For this reason, Bionade has had its own bee colony since 2014. Actually we have two.

Bionade bees

Bionade contributes towards the Main-Post media group’s educational media projects with teaching and learning materials on the subject of “From the field to the bottle”.

KLASSE! Teaching and learning materials

Bionade is a drinks partner of the volunteer programme “Ehrensache Natur: Freiwillige in Parks” (Matter of Natural Pride: Volunteers in Parks) organised by “Nationale Naturlandschaften”.


For years, Bionade has been committed to nature conservation and promotes ecological farming in the Rhön Biosphere Reserve. The company is now adopting a part of the Streu, its native river – for biodiversity and to set a good example, for everyone.

Patronage of the Streu River

Our other partners and initiatives