Our responsibility

Bionade is full of flavour. It is also full of responsibility.

Bionade is the tasty proof of how well ecological awareness and social commitment can be paired. Out of principle, we produce and act with a sense of responsibility. We want to contribute to a greater quality of life – regardless of whether it’s for the community, our clients, employees or suppliers. In so doing, we not only support our employees, but also regional agriculture by committing ourselves to maintaining biodiversity and natural resources.

This is how “Bio” gets into Bionade.

All agricultural raw materials originate from certified organic farms. No genetic engineering, colouring or preservatives. This is why we use only natural flavours, extracts and juices obtained from 100 percent organic fruits and herbs. This is what our Bionade purity law stands for.

Pure pleasure thanks to the purity law.

We are especially proud of our Bionade purity law. It stipulates that everything labelled Bionade contains exclusively organic ingredients. The addition of chemical substances which are not present in nature are strictly forbidden. This includes artificial colouring, stabilisers, flavouring, sweeteners or sugar substitutes.

Long live the Rhön!

The raw materials that are so important to Bionade originate wherever possible from the immediate region: the UNESCO Rhön Biosphere Reserve. From partners and preliminary suppliers who meet the highest standards. An example is the Rhön organic farming project. Bionade guarantees to buy 100 percent of the harvest from participating farmers at long-term fixed prices. That is a secure prospect for the farmers as well as a commitment to the Rhön region.