Our values


People who drink BIONADE probably know that we stand for refreshment, 100% organic ingredients and low sugar. We say it often enough in our advertising. But, as a brand with real values, we stand for so much more too. And you should know about that as well.

BIONADE does things differently.

We always were different. Come on, our very first flavour was lychee. Lychee! And our production process is different too! We make our drinks according to our BIONADE purity law and don’t use any artificial additives at all.

BIONADE is determined.

When we have an idea, we make it happen. Making a non-alcoholic drink with only natural ingredients and less sugar? Of course it’s possible! Staying true to our values and remaining down-to-earth at the same time? That’s possible too!

BIONADE is honest.

With 100% organic ingredients, our lemonade really is as honest as it gets. And we are too. That’s why we don’t just talk about helping people and the environment – we actually do something about it. Like this, for example.

On the topic of organic ingredients: