Lychee? It sounds so exotic! So why does Bionade also use raw materials that are cultivated on foreign organic farms? Here is the ultimate informative answer:

the origins of Bionade stemmed from the idea of finding a healthy alternative to conventional fizzy drinks, as these were often very sweet and mixed with relatively strong acids. The solution finally came from Dieter Leipold – father of Bionade and inventor of a purely biotechnical and now patented process through which it was possible to brew a delicious refreshment by fermenting natural raw materials. The “Bio” in the name Bionade (German for ‘organic’) originally referred exclusively to the method of production. Our original flavour, Bionade Lychee, was in no way organic, in the traditional sense.

It was only over the course of time that the inventor’s idea developed further and, with absolute conviction, Bionade became 100 percent organic. We have also consciously decided to continue offering exotic flavours, daring to do something new. It goes without saying that, along with our local fruits, all exotic ingredients come from certified organic farms and adhere to the strictest quality guidelines.

The raw material for producing Bionade Lychee in Thailand is therefore produced and pre-processed in accordance with EU organic provisions. On an area of around 67 hectares, 38 smallholder families cultivate mainly Honghuay and Chakrapad varieties of lychee, under the Thai farming initiative “King’s Royal Project” in the provinces of Chiangmai and Payao. Incidentally, Bionade is the first company in the world to use organic lychee juice.