The ones that keep the show on the road

Oh, goodness – it’s elderberry!

BIONADE Elderberry is a real classic in our range, and by far our most popular flavour. Why is that? We’re not so sure we know either. Perhaps it’s the slightly sharp fruity flavour of the organic elderberries that is incredibly refreshing and simply rather unusual.

The intense red colour is a sight to behold – and has earned this flavour the nickname ‘red BIONADE’. The colour is obtained entirely from the vitamin-rich elderberries. Artificial colours? Not with us.

Organic elderberry from the Rhön

Our elderberries come 100% from controlled organic cultivation. And more than that, we obtain them right here, just round the corner. From the Ritter family in fact, who run their fabulous organic farm here in the Rhön.

In fact, the cultivation of our elderberries involves a real pioneering project. Over an area of just under 72 hectares, we currently have 12 growers producing organic elderberry. They do this on a five-year contract that provides them with planning security.

What’s in it


Refreshing organic drink created from the fermentation of natural ingredients.

Water , sugar* , barley malt* , elderberry juice (1.7%) from elderberry juice concentrate* , carbonic acid , natural apple juice, orange, blood orange aroma*, acidity regulators calcium and magnesium carbonate , *from controlled organic cultivation.


Calorific value [kJ] 95
Calorific value [kcal] 22
Fat [g] < 0.5
of which saturated fatty acids [g] < 0.1
Carbohydrates [g] 5.0
of which sugar [g] 5.0
Protein [g] < 0.5
Salt [g] < 0.01

Additional information

Less sugar. Lots of flavour:
At least 30% less sugar than comparable soft drinks sweetened using sugar.

Allergens subject to labelling requirements:
Barley malt, but gluten-free as per Delegated Regulation (EU) no. 828/2014

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