The one that’s great fun


Here we go again, another strange BIONADE mix… (But it’d be boring otherwise.) You know about lemons. But bergamot? You can imagine it as a kind of shrivelled lime.

But that doesn’t sound great, so we prefer to say it another way. What makes this citrus fruit special is contained in its peel. From this you can extract a unique oil, and just a few drops of this are enough to create a real explosion of flavour. An extra helping of citrus, in other words. And although nobody asked, it tastes great!

Organic bergamot from the mountains of Calabria

Our bergamots grow in Italy, in a very small area in the mountains of Calabria. And only there. As a result, only a very small number of people grow the bergamots. Two of them are Ugo Sergi and his wife Tiziana, who are probably still wondering to this day why we make lemonade from their wrinkly organic fruit.

And our delicious organic lemons also come from Italy. Why from Italy? Because they get particularly high levels of sunshine there. And why are they so good? Because they get particularly high levels of sunshine there.

What’s in it


Refreshing organic drink created from the fermentation of natural ingredients.

Water, sugar*, barley malt* , ginger* and orange extract* , elderberry juice concentrate* , carbonic acid, natural flavour* , acidity regulators calcium and magnesium carbonate , *from controlled organic cultivation.


Calorific value [kJ] 89
Calorific value [kcal] 21
Fat [g] < 0,5
of which saturated fatty acids [g] < 0,1
Carbohydrates [g] 5,2
of which sugar [g] 5,2
Protein [g] < 0,5
Salt [g] < 0,01

Additional information

Less sugar. Lots of flavour:
At least 30% less sugar than comparable soft drinks sweetened using sugar.

Allergens subject to labelling requirements:
Barley malt, but gluten-free as per Delegated Regulation (EU) no. 828/2014

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